Fosthall Creek Road Trial

Trial Name: Partial Cutting in the Columbia Forest Zone. (EP370b) (aka Fosthall Creek Road Trial)
Trial Objectives Installation Name Ecosystems Represented Tree Species Silvicultural Systems Tested Post Establishment Treatments
  • Growth and Yield
  • Forest Health
Fosthall Creek Road Trial ICHmw2
  • Western red cedar
  • Western hemlock
  • Western larch
  • Douglas-fir
  • Lodgepole pine
  • Western white pine
  • Hybrid spruce
  • Subalpine fir
  • Improvement cut (thinning)
  • Diameter Limit Cut
  • Salvage Cut
  • No harvest control
  • Five replicates of each treatment
Comments: Summer 1989 - one plot destroyed by logging.


Publication Topics Publications
Harvesting costs
  • Stewart, M. 1956. Cost study of partial cutting treatments in interior wet belt of British Columbia. B.C. For. Serv. Res. Note 32.
Growth and Yield