Provincial Monitoring Reports

Young Stand Monitoring Analysis 

The intent of young stand monitoring (YSM) is to track the performance of young forest stands (50 years and younger), which is the target population. The primary goals of YSM are to: 

  1. Characterize the young stand population, including composition, structure, mortality, growth, yield and health
  2. Assess the accuracy of some Phase 1 Vegetation Resources Inventory (VRI) photo-interpreted polygon attributes – such as age, height, density and site index – for young stands
  3. Assess the accuracy of site index estimates in the Provincial Site Productivity Layer (PSPL)
  4. Compare observed stand yields (e.g., basal area/ha and trees/ha) to predictions generated from TIPSY
  5. Once re-measurements are available, compare observed growth to forecasts from growth and yield models for the young stand population

YSM analyses provide information on the target population, such as growth, species composition, stand density, mortality and forest health incidence which may be used to compare actual stand performance to predicted stand performance once re-measurement data becomes available.

Both inventory audit and YSM analyses are based on current VRI standards and procedures. The ground sample data is obtained from statistically unbiased random sampling that has been conducted in accordance with a sampling plan and this information is considered to be the baseline for comparison with the calibrated and photo estimated VRI information.  The ground sample data also has other applications. For more information on ground sampling, please visit the FAIB Ground Sampling web page.  

Reports and Publications