Health authority facility access to PharmaNet

PharmaNet is a secure computer network that links health professionals throughout the province.

PharmaNet is accessed by authorized physicians, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists, and authorized persons acting on their behalf in health authority facilities.

Health professionals who use PharmaNet to deliver direct patient care must enrol in PRIME.

Health authority facilities include:

  • Hospitals
  • Hospital emergency departments
  • Outpatient clinics owned and operated by a health authority
  • Long-term care facilities, 100% owned and operated by a health authority

As part of registering for access to PharmaNet, health authority facilities must have a completed HLTH 4548 - Undertaking to Complete Confidentiality Procedures for Hospital Access to PharmaNet (PDF, 621KB). The list of sites must be kept up to date. These will be replaced with a new site registration process in the future.

Health authority facilities must select a vendor that has been approved by the ministry to provide hospital access to PharmaNet. For a list of approved vendors please contact the Ministry of Health at

For facilities that choose to implement a wireless connection to PharmaNet, please see Requirements for Wireless Access to PharmaNet.  Note that this policy does not authorize access to PharmaNet outside the premises of an approved facility.