Letter 23-3: Notice to Applicant Party Under Subsection 23(4)

  • use this letter to advise applicant that a third party will be consulted prior to disclosure of the requested information

File or Reference Number:


Applicant’s name and address
Re: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Request for information

Dear [applicant's name]:

I am writing about your request for access to records held by [name of public body]. We received your request on [date] and we are now reviewing the records.

The requested records contain information that may affect the [interests/personal privacy] of another [person/business] (the "third party"). To assist us in determining whether we may disclose this information, we are giving the third party an opportunity to make representations concerning disclosure. We will notify you of the decision on whether we will disclose the records by [date].

If you have any questions, please write or call me at 250 XXX-XXXX.


Freedom of Information and Privacy