Section 36.1 - Data-Linking Programs



Section 36.1 sets out requirements for data-linking programs.

Section Reference

Section 36.1 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act:

36.1 (1) This section does not apply to a data-linking program that is part of research for the purpose of which personal information may be disclosed under section 33 (3) (h).

(2) A public body conducting a data-linking program must comply with the regulations, if any, made for the purposes of this section.


data-linking” and “data-linking program” are specific terms defined in Schedule 1 of FOIPPA. In general, it describes situations in which multiple distinct data sets are used in conjunction with each other.

Section 36.1 requires public bodies to comply with any data-linking regulations issued by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (Cabinet). No such regulations exist at the present time. Updates to this manual will be made when data-linking regulations are made. Data-linking for research purposes would not be subject to any future regulations.

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Last updated: February, 2023.