Section 80 - Review of Act


Section 80 requires the Legislative Assembly, by special committee, to review the Act every six years, beginning October 4, 1997, and make recommendations within a year after the special committee is appointed. A Special Committee of the Legislative Assembly completed a review of the Act in 2010 and provided a series of recommendations for amendments to the Act.

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Section 80 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

  1. At least once every 6 years, a special committee of the Legislative Assembly must begin a comprehensive review of this Act and must submit a report respecting this Act to the Legislative Assembly within one year after the date of the appointment of the special committee.
  2. A report submitted under subsection (1) may include any recommended amendments to this Act or any other Act.
  3. For the purposes of subsection (1), the first 6 year period begins on October 4, 1997.


The following procedures are an outline of the process followed in the first review of the Legislation.  The process of the review is determined by the Legislative Assembly and may or may not follow the pattern established in the first review.

  1. The Minister responsible for the Act notified the Legislative Assembly of the statutory requirement to review the Act. 
  2. The Legislative Assembly appointed a special committee of its members with representation from all parties.
  3. A chair and deputy chair were selected from within the special committee. 
  4. A chair and deputy chair were selected from within the special committee. 
  5. The Ministry of Citizens' Services (now the Ministry of Labour, Citizens' Services and Open Government), on behalf of government, prepared a corporate submission to the Special Committee.  The submission contained a set of recommendations for amendments to the Act.  These were developed through a consultative process with numerous entities including a committee of staff involved in the administration of the Act.  The final draft of the corporate submission was approved by Deputy Minister’s Council. 
  6. Upon completion of its hearings and review of the submissions, the Special Committee drafted a set of recommendations that the chair tabled in the Legislative Assembly. 
  7. The Ministry of Citizens' Services, on behalf of government, conducted a review of the recommendations of the Special Committee and drafted amendments to the Act based upon those recommendations.

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