Senior's Supplement Rate Table

Effective: April 1, 2021

The following table shows how to calculate the Senior’s Supplement (SS) based on April 1, 2021 federal Old Age Security (OAS)/Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)/Allowance payment levels.

The asterisk indicates the most recent rate table changes

Supplement Single
or married to spouse not on OAS/GIS/Allowance
(both on OAS/GIS)
(each) x 2 = Couple

Married (Spouse on Allowance)


Married (Spouse on Allowance)


OAS *$618.45 *$618.45


GIS +*$923.71 +*$556.04 +*$556.04 +*$556.04
  *$1,542.16 *$1,174.49 *$1,174.49 *$1,174.49
Seniors Supplement +*$99.30 +*$110.25 +*$110.25 +*$99.83
      *$1,284.74  +*$1,274.32
Guaranteed Totals *$1,641.46  =*$2,569.48   =*$2,559.06 

OAS/GIS/Allowance are reviewed for adjustment quarterly.


In cases where the family unit consists of a couple where one adult only receives OAS/GIS/Allowance and the Senior's Supplement and the family receives top up from BCEA, the system will automatically deduct these payments. Deductions are first taken from the family’s support portion, then the shelter portion. Any remaining entitlement will be paid by the system.

This webpage was last updated: April 7, 2021