General Supplements & Programs Rate Table

Effective: August 1, 2021

The asterisk indicates the most recent rate table changes
Supplement Item Maximum Amount
Bus pass fees Annual fee for:
  • persons who are receiving federal Old Age Security (OAS) and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
  • persons aged 65 and older who meet all of the eligibility requirements for the GIS except the 10-year residency requirement
  • persons aged 60 and over who are receiving the federal Spouse’s Allowance to OAS
  • persons aged 60 or older who are receiving income assistance
  • persons aged 60 or older who live on a First Nations reserve and receive income assistance from the band office
  • a spouse of a person who has a  PWD designation :
    • is aged 60 and over who are receiving disability assistance.
    • Receives federal Spouse’s Allowance to OAS or GIS
    • Is 65 years of age or older who meets all the eligibility requirements for GIS except the 10 year residency requirement

Note: No Annual fee for applicants and recipients with the PWD Designation.

Note: For recipients with the PWD designation who are receiving disability assistance that turn 65 years of age, their eligibility for the bus pass is transitioned to a bus pass under the Senior’s Bus Pass Program. In the year they transition there is no fee. 


Replacement fee for:

All client categories

  • First lost pass:$10
  • Second lost pass:$20
  • Third lost pass: $50
Christmas supplement Single person with no dependent children $35 per calendar year
Childless couple $70 per calendar year
Either single- or two-parent family with dependent children $70 per calendar year
plus $10 for each dependent child
Community volunteer supplement
(applications closed)
Per eligible recipient Up to $100 per calendar month
Co-op share purchase supplement Lump sum

Limited to the smaller of following:

  • $850
  • 50% of cost of membership shares
Crisis supplement Food Up to $40 per person per month

Up to:

  • $100 per person per year
  • $400 per family of four or more per year

Restricted to the actual cost up to the maximum combined shelter and support rates, as shown in Rate Table: Income Assistance, Disability Assistance or Hardship Assistance, plus the following actual amounts that the family unit is eligible to receive:

  • Shared Parenting Assistance
  • Pre-Natal Shelter Supplement
  • CIC Temp Absence Assistance
  • Deceased Adjustment Supplement
Child benefits top-up supplement1 First Child
  • *$208.25 per calendar month
Second Child
  • *$184.25 per calendar month
Third and each additional child
  • *$175.25 per calendar month
Funeral costs Funeral provider's basic service fee
  • Up to $1285
Other items or services fee
  • Up to $815
Transportation fee
  • Kilometres 0 to 32: Included in funeral provider's basic service fee
  • Kilometres 33 to 82: $1.00 per km
  • Kilometres 83 to 182: $0.90 per km
  • Kilometres above 182: $0.60 per km
Cost of urn
  • Up to $200
Guide animal supplement Per eligible recipient or dependant $95 per calendar month
School start-up supplement Child aged 5 to 11 $100 per calendar year
Child aged 12 and over $175 per calendar year
Transportation Supplement Per eligible adult recipient $52 per calendar month
Transportation to Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facility Supplement Travel allowance related to vehicle transportation $0.20 per kilometre
Allowance for exceptional cases where circumstances warrant a meal $4 per meal
Travel supplement Per eligible adult recipient Up to $46 per calendar month
Transitional Transportation Support

Per eligible adult recipient

[See Transportation Supplement – Policy] 

$52 per calendar month 


The child benefits top-up supplement rates are based on the BC Child Adjustment Amount in the Employment and Assistance Regulation and Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Regulation.


This webpage was last updated: August 10, 2021