General Supplements & Programs Rate Table

Last updated on November 21, 2023

Effective: August 1, 2023

The asterisk indicates the most recent rate table changes
Supplement Item Maximum Amount
Bus pass fees Annual fee for:
  • persons who are receiving federal Old Age Security (OAS) and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
  • persons aged 65 and older who meet all of the eligibility requirements for the GIS except the 10-year residency requirement
  • persons aged 60 and over who are receiving the federal Spouse’s Allowance to OAS
  • persons aged 60 or older who are receiving income assistance
  • persons aged 60 or older who live on a First Nations reserve and receive income assistance from the band office
  • a spouse of a person who has a  PWD designation :
    • is aged 60 and over who are receiving disability assistance.
    • Receives federal Spouse’s Allowance to OAS or GIS
    • Is 65 years of age or older who meets all the eligibility requirements for GIS except the 10 year residency requirement

Note: No Annual fee for applicants and recipients with the PWD Designation.

Note: For recipients with the PWD designation who are receiving disability assistance that turn 65 years of age, their eligibility for the bus pass is transitioned to a bus pass under the Senior’s Bus Pass Program. In the year they transition there is no fee. 


Replacement fee for:

All client categories

  • First lost pass:$10
  • Second lost pass:$20
  • Third lost pass: $50
Community volunteer supplement
(applications closed)
Per eligible recipient Up to $100 per calendar month
Co-op share purchase supplement Lump sum

Limited to the smaller of following:

  • $850
  • 50% of cost of membership shares
Crisis supplement Food Up to *$50 per person per month

Up to:

*$110 per person per year


Restricted to the actual cost up to the maximum combined shelter and support rates, as shown in Rate Table: Income Assistance, Disability Assistance or Hardship Assistance, plus the following actual amounts that the family unit is eligible to receive:

  • Shared Parenting Assistance
  • Pre-Natal Shelter Supplement
  • Housing Stability Supplement
Child benefits top-up supplement1 First Child

*$226.67 per calendar month

Second Child

*$200.50 per calendar month

Third and each additional child

*$190.75 per calendar month

Funeral costs Funeral provider's basic service fee

Up to $1285

Other items or services fee

Up to $815

Transportation fee
  • Kilometres 0 to 32: Included in funeral provider's basic service fee
  • Kilometres 33 to 82: $1.00 per km
  • Kilometres 83 to 182: $0.90 per km
  • Kilometres above 182: $0.60 per km
Cost of urn

Up to $200

Guide animal supplement Per eligible recipient or dependant $95 per calendar month
Housing Stability Supplement Actual shelter costs when a member of the family unit is temporarily absent from the usual place of residence or passes away Up to combined support and shelter allowance that would have been provided prior to the temporary absence of a family member from the usual place of residence or death, subject to actual shelter costs
School start-up supplement Child aged 5 to 11 *$120 per calendar year
Child aged 12 to 18 *$210 per calendar year
Transportation Supplement Per eligible adult recipient $52 per calendar month
Transportation to Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facility Supplement Travel allowance related to vehicle transportation *$0.36 per kilometre
Allowance for exceptional cases where circumstances warrant a meal *$8 per meal
Travel supplement Per eligible adult recipient Up to $46 per calendar month
Transitional Transportation Support

Per eligible adult recipient

[See Transportation Supplement – Policy] 

$52 per calendar month 
Winter supplement Single person with no dependent children *$60 per calendar year
Childless couple *$120 per calendar year
Either single- or two-parent family with dependent children *$120 per calendar year
plus *$20 for each dependent child


The child benefits top-up supplement rates are based on the BC Child Adjustment Amount in the Employment and Assistance Regulation and Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Regulation.


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