Local government asset management for sustainable service delivery

Municipalities and regional districts are responsible for managing community infrastructure assets over the asset lifecycle. This ensures that community service needs are met and that services are delivered in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner.

Sustainable service delivery is supported by asset management practices including:

  • An understanding of the trade-offs between the desired services and available resources
  • Long-term planning to enable informed decision-making around the construction, operation, maintenance, renewal or upgrade, and financing of infrastructure
  • Proactive management of physical assets such as roads, buildings, treatment plants and pipes.

Successful asset management is based on the principles that asset management is:

  • An ongoing, iterative process or approach, not a one-time project
  • Holistic and integrated
  • About generating value and sustainable service delivery

Asset Management BC

Asset Management BC provides a framework, resources and support, such as AssetSmart and the Asset Management Roadmap, to local governments to support asset management practices.