University Endowment Lands

The University Endowment Lands (UEL) is an unincorporated community located between the City of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia on the Point Grey Peninsula. It is the only part of British Columbia where the provincial government provides local services directly to an urban area.


The University Endowment Lands is within Electoral Area A, which consists of all the unincorporated parts of the Metro Vancouver Regional District. Residents of that electoral area, including University Endowment Lands residents, elect an electoral area director every four years to represent them on the Metro Vancouver Regional District Board.

As an unincorporated area, the University Endowment Lands does not have an elected municipal council. Instead, the provincial government, through the Minister of Municipal Affairs, governs the University Endowment Lands under the authority of the University Endowment Land Act. It is the only urban area in B.C. directly governed by the provincial government. The Act enables the Minister to, among other things:

  • Levy property taxes
  • Enact bylaws
  • Appoint a person to administer the University Endowment Lands


Day-to-day administration and provision of services to University Endowment Lands residents is delegated to a manager who oversees the work of a small team of staff and contractors, referred to as the UEL Administration.

Decisions made by the UEL Administration are guided by the University Endowment Lands Official Community Plan, the Land Use, Building and Community Administration Bylaw and the Works and Services Bylaw. The UEL Administration manages the land use planning and regulation, building regulation and other core local functions, including:

  • Solid waste collection
  • Potable water supply
  • Sewer and storm water management
  • Street and grounds maintenance, including managing tress and snow removal in the public realm
  • Business and dog licences
  • Parking permits
  • Bylaw enforcement

Administration and operational expenses are recovered from property taxes and revenue received mainly from water sales, parking meters and building and development permits.

Two key community stakeholder groups provide advice to the UEL manager: the Community Advisory Council, made up of elected representatives of the four neighbourhoods in the University Endowment Lands; and the Advisory Design Panel, made up of elected technical representatives.