Local Government Grants & Transfers

Local governments may receive funding from several sources, including the B.C. government and the Government of Canada.

Grants and other monetary transfers to local governments are either conditional or unconditional. Conditional grants are designated for a specific purpose and may not be used for another project, while unconditional grants may be used for any purpose the recipient local government sees fit.

Infrastructure Grants

Local governments may access infrastructure funding through a variety of grant programs.

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP)

The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) is a conditional grant program that provides funding to local governments that have signed the B.C. Climate Action Charter.

Small Community Grants

Municipalities may receive assistance in providing basic services through this unconditional grant.

Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing Transfers

Municipalities may receive 100 percent of net revenues from traffic violations if they are directly responsible for paying for policing.

Regional District Basic Grants

Regional districts may receive assistance with administration costs through this unconditional grant.

Restructure Grants

Municipalities and regional districts that wish to examine their governance structure may access funding from the provincial government.