B.C. Climate Action Charter

The B.C. Climate Action Charter is a voluntary agreement between the B.C. government, Union of B.C. Municipalities and each local government signatory to take action on climate change.

The Charter was launched at the 2007 UBCM Convention. Since then, almost every local government in B.C.—187 of 190 municipalities, regional districts and the Islands Trust—has signed the Charter.

Local Government Charter Commitments

Under the Charter, local government signatories commit to:

  • Becoming carbon neutral in their corporate operations
  • Measuring and reporting their community's greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creating complete, compact, more energy efficient communities

The Green Communities Committee

The Charter established the joint Provincial-UBCM Green Communities Committee to support local governments in taking action on climate change.

The committee works in collaboration with local governments to ensure that the right mix of tools, guidance and other supports are available to assist rural and urban communities as they work toward their Charter goals.

Green Communities Committee Recognition & Awards

  • Green Communities Committee Climate Action Recognition Program: Public recognition of the progress and achievements of each Charter signatory based on their CARIP progress reports.
  • Green Communities Committee UBCM Community Excellence Award for Leadership & Innovation, Green Initiatives: Recognition of local governments that have made environmental responsibility a top priority in their planning and decision-making activities.