How to set up the app

Before you set up the BC Services Card app, make sure you protect your device.​

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Step 1: Provide your ID 

step 1

The ID types accepted and the number of IDs you need to provide depend on what type of BC Services Card you have.

Learn more about ID options 

The names on all ID provided must match. If you're using a Non-Photo BC Services Card and the name on your additional ID doesn't match what's on your card, you can go in person to verify your identity in step 3 and bring documentation that shows both names – such as a marriage certificate.

Note: if you have the app set up on another device, you can skip the next steps and scan a QR code to complete setup.


Step 2: Provide your email address

step 2

Your email address will be used to contact you about your logins or changes to your account.

You will be asked to confirm your email address by entering a code that is sent to your email account to:

  • Make sure you entered the email address correctly
  • Prove you have access to that email account


Step 3: Verify your identity

step 3

Complete a one-time security check to verify your identity.

Verifying your identity is important:

  • It proves you are who you say you are
  • It makes sure no one else can set up the app with your ID
  • It helps protect your privacy
  • It makes the app more secure with enhanced levels of security

Verify your identity within seven days of adding your card to the app. If you can't complete it within that time, simply start again when you're ready.