Collection of personal information

Your personal information is collected for the purpose of using the BC Services Card app to access government services online to authenticate your identity during login.

Policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information are governed by sections 26(c), 26(e), 26(h), 32 and 33 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Option to provide email address

You have the option of providing your email address when you use the BC Services Card app. If you choose to provide your email address, it will be used and disclosed according to the preferences you have selected in your account. The BC Login Service will not use your email address for any reason other than what you have selected.

Notification of information sharing

The BC Login Service notifies you of the personal information that will be shared with the online services that you access. You have the option of viewing this notification every time you access an online service.

Access information is recorded

The BC Login Service records

  • When and how you use the BC Services Card app 
  • The online service that you access – the name of the service you accessed is stored for 30 days

This information is used to protect your security. It is displayed to you in your account history.

Information is not recorded about your activity once you have logged in to an online service.

Photos and video recordings are collected

If you choose to verify your identity by video on a mobile device, photos of yourself and your ID documents are provided to the BC Login Service for identification purposes.

Your information is securely stored on your mobile device temporarily until the app is set up. 

The video call is recorded for quality assurance purposes and will be retained for 90 days.

Device information is collected  

If you use a mobile device with the app to log in to an online service, information about your device, such as the operating system type and version, is collected and used for technical support purposes.

Your telephone number and geolocation are not collected.

If you choose to verify your identity by video on a mobile device, your device information is also collected, for the functioning of the video software.