Log in from a computer, laptop, tablet or phone

You can use BC Services Card Login to access a variety of websites. It's a secure way to prove who you are online. 

login steps

First, go to the website you want to log in to

Start on the device you prefer to use. For example, it can be a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. 

Go to a website that accepts BC Services Card Login.

Choose to log in with BC Services Card.

login example


Then, prove who you are

You can complete this by using either:

  • The mobile app
  • Your username, password and BC Token

If you're using your mobile device with the app

The app will open automatically. You'll be prompted to agree to log in.

login on same device example

If you're using a computer
you want to use the app

You'll get a pairing code on the computer. Enter it in the app. Then you can continue on your computer.

pair example

If you're using a computer
you want to use your username, password and BC Token

You'll enter your username and password.

Then you'll get a code from your BC Token to enter on your computer.


Then, go back to the website

You'll be logged in.

login complete

On the website you've logged in to, you may be asked for more information. This information is only saved by them. We don't know and can't see what you do after you log in.


  • What you do after you log in is not recorded
  • Which websites you log in to are never shared 


Need more help?

Check that:

  • Your computer or mobile device is connected to the Internet
  • You're using a supported browser 

See our step-by-step guides: