Budget 2019 Consultation

The government of B.C. has made significant progress in its first year to secure a better future for your family. It has taken steps to make life more affordable, improve the services you rely on, and create a strong, sustainable economy throughout the province.

Budgets are about people, and the choices we make today will shape the future of our province. That’s why, looking ahead to Budget 2019, we want to hear about your priorities and how we can work together to build a strong, sustainable future for your family and your community.

The Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services is a permanent all-party committee of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. Each fall, the committee holds province-wide consultations to seek the views of people in B.C., and presents a final report with recommendations to the Minister of Finance for consideration in preparation for the annual budget and fiscal plan.

Current Budget Consultation

How to Submit Your Ideas

To participate in the consultation process, please visit the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services.

Previous Budget Consultations

View budget consultation papers from previous years: