Open Freedom of Information Requests

Explanation of Summaries of Open Freedom of Information (FOI) requests
Updates to the summary of open FOI requests posted on the Open Information website occur on a weekly basis. The information is drawn from the government’s request tracking system and active requests are included no sooner than 30 calendar days after they are received. Because the requests are active, the updates provided are subject to change.

View open Freedom of Information Requests (XLSX 82 KB)

The following terms are used in the summaries to indicate what stage each request has reached in the FOI process:

  • File started – information request has been received and assigned a file number

  • Gathering/Confirming records – includes call for records, estimating fees, clarifying scope of request with applicant

  • Legislative review – review of the records, may include consultation with other Ministries, public bodies or third-parties

  • Approving – includes peer review, initial sign-off, revisions, final sign-off

  • Responding – includes applying final redactions, printing records, preparing final response package


Final summary published under directive 05-2016 (rescinded) can be viewed here: Past Summary of Open Freedom of Information Requests (185KB)