Borrowing money

Many British Columbians need to borrow money at some point, whether to help with day-to-day costs, a large purchase or an emergency.

Whenever you borrow money, it is important to understand all the costs, your rights, and where to go if you need help.

This website provides general information and tips on borrowing money and using certain financial services.

Services and information topics

Learn about conventional loans and credit cards

Banks, credit unions and credit card companies offer a variety of conventional credit products. These products are usually the least expensive way to borrow money, but you need to have a sufficient credit rating and level of income to qualify.

Learn about high-cost loans and cheque cashing services

Some companies offer loans and financial services that do not require collateral or a bank account. Despite their convenience, these types of loans and services are usually more expensive and riskier to you.

What to consider when borrowing money

It is important to consider all your options when borrowing money. The financial decisions you make now can impact you in the future.


Free resources are available if you:

  • Need help managing your debt and expenses
  • Have a complaint regarding a financial service
  • Want to avoid financial problems in the future