Modelling & Analysis

British Columbia's scientists are researching the causes and impacts of climate change. Climate modelling and analysis is an important part of the B.C. Government's climate change adaptation efforts.


Climate modelling and analysis tools used by the B.C. provincial government are provided here.


Plan2Adapt is a free tool created by the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium to help planners and resource managers assess climate change at a regional scale.

Users select their region, a future time period and time of year. The tool generates easily understandable information on future temperature, precipitation, snowfall, growing degree days, heating degree days and frost-free days. Information is provided through descriptive text, high-resolution maps, graphs and data tables.


Modelling at the provincial scale can be useful in preparing for future climates changes. Downscaled models are available from the University of British Columbia.


ClimateWNA provides historical climate data and climate change projections at a scale suitable for researchers and resource managers.

B.C. Climate Change Science Overview

Learn how climate change research, technical information and analysis affect policies and projects within the B.C. government and externally to industry, First Nations and others.


Selecting & Using Climate Scenarios for British Columbia is a report intended to assist those engaged in climate change impact, vulnerability and adaptation analyses. It provides guidelines on how to choose climate scenarios, including the choice of appropriate spatial and temporal scales of the data and methods to use.