Lake Babine Nation

Last updated on June 13, 2024

Current activities

  • Negotiating independently with Canada and British Columbia in the B.C. treaty process.

Treaty stage

  • Stage 4 - Agreement-in-Principle negotiations

Lake Babine Foundation Agreement

Completed agreements

Land transfer agreement

Incremental treaty agreement

Environmental assessment collaboration agreements

Forestry agreements

LNG agreements

Reconciliation agreements

Section 10.1 closures

  • Section 10.1  of the Land Act  the Minister may specify that applications for a variety of reasons as listed in each Ministerial Order will not be accepted.
  • MO M251:  August 24, 2022 – Applications for Crown land in some areas of Lake Babine will not be accepted. In accordance with section 10.1 of the Land Act, no application for a Crown Grant will be accepted in Zone 1, and no application for a Crown land disposition will be accepted in Zone 2 (see Schedule A maps in MO M251) with some exceptions related to public safety or the Lake Babine Foundation Agreement. Effective August 24, 2022, to August 31, 2024. 
Lake Babine Nation

Location: Adjacent to the village of Burns Lake, 230 km west of Prince George

Region: North Central

Member of: Independent

Website: Lake Babine Nation

Population: 2,570

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