Improve stewardship practices

Improving water stewardship practices are an integral part of water quality monitoring.

It's a cyclical process that requires constant checks and assessments.

Keep assessing your data collection throughout your sampling process.

Audits and metrics

Field audits

Audits can be completed by a monitoring group (self-audits) or under partnership agreements by ministry staff.


When you sample and re-train regularly, you improve the quality and reliability of your data.

Use the field audit form to check that recommended procedures are being followed:

The field audit form can also be used to track when audits were completed.

Self-audits are recommended every 6 months.

Ministry audits

Ministry audits are recommended every one to 2 years, depending on the size of your organization.

Stewardship metrics

Metrics are a way to determine how well your program is performing. They track and measure your program's progress, accomplishments and challenges.

Detailed metrics provide key data about your program's success to help secure funding from other organizations: