Fort St John Tank Truck Jackknife

DISCLAIMER: Information provided is based on reports received by Emergency Management B.C. Information provided is considered to be current at the time of posting, but is subject to change as new information becomes available.

Incident Description

Incident Date December 4, 2017
Name Tank truck jack-knifed near Fort St John (DGIR173057)
Source tank trailer
Nearest Community Fort St. John
Spilled Content Condensate
Who is involved? Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy, MOTI, CVSE, Transport Canada, RCMP, and Public Works Canada


Response Phase Detail

The responsible person or spiller is legally required to clean-up or manage the clean-up of a spill. In incidents where the responsible person is unknown, unable or unwilling to manage the clean up, the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy (MOE) may assume the role. The updates below reflect the Ministry’s oversight of the spillers’ actions; details describe the spill response phase, only, and not the complete lifecycle of the spill. See More Information for other related reports. 

Updates are in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top. Industry-specific language may be explained in the Glossary of Terms (PDF).

Most Recent Update

December 5, 2017 - 1:37 pm

Response Contractor arrived on-scene; clean-up is commencing at this time. 38 m3 of condensate was spilled to highway and roadside. Impact to the ditch appears minimal at this time. The highway has just reopened to single alternating traffic.

Public Works Canada is working with MOTI and DriveBC to update notifications regarding the reopening of the Alaska Highway. MOE environmental emergency response officer provided a media briefing to the Whitehorse Star.

No additional updates are anticipated.

December 4, 2017 - 11:45 pm

A RBS Bulk Systems tank truck loaded with 43 m3 of condensate jack knifed on the Alaska Highway at approximately Mile 127. The tank trailer is completely across the highway and has lost at least it’s rear compartment of 23 m3 and possibly the entire load. 

Condensate has run down the highway, entered a drain on the highway shoulder and ran off into the ditch area. A B.C. Ministry of Environment spill response officer has responded to complete an initial site assessment. There are no LEL (lower explosive limit) readings in the immediate area of truck..

RBS has contracted a response sontractor out of Edmonton and are enroute but the estimated time of arrival is 6:00 am.