Grants, funding and supports for non-profits

A number of provincial and federal funding opportunities are available to non-profit organizations.

COVID-19 recovery funding

Funding is available for non-profits, businesses and individuals:

Funding for non-profit organizations

Provincial funding opportunities

Federal funding opportunities

Community Services Recovery Fund

$400 million to create a temporary fund to help charities and non-profits adapt and modernize so they can better support the economic recovery in our communities.

Canada Small Business Financing Program

The program expanded in June 2021 to include non-profit and charitable social enterprises. It makes it easier for small businesses and organizations to get loans. It does this by sharing financial risk with lenders. Loans can be used to finance purchase:

  • Or improvement of land or buildings used for commercial purposes
  • Or improvement of new or used equipment
  • Of new or existing leasehold improvements (renovations to leased property by a tenant)