Prescribed Matters for COVID-19 – Situations - Regulation Part 7.01, Section 45.03


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This section defines a "dependant" and sets out which situations are considered "prescribed" for the purposes of section 52.12 (COVID-19-related leave).

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45.03 (1) In this section, “dependant” means

(a) an eligible person as defined in section 52.12 (1) (a) or (b) of the Act, or

(b) a person who

(i) is an eligible person prescribed under section 45.02 of this regulation,

(ii) is unable, because of illness, disability or another reason, to obtain the necessities of life, and

(iii) is under the day-to-day care and control of the employee.

(2) For the purposes of section 52.12 (2) (f) of the Act, the following are prescribed situations:

(a) the employee, in the opinion of a medical health officer, medical practitioner, nurse practitioner or registered nurse, is more susceptible to COVID-19 because the employee

(i) has an underlying condition,

(ii) is undergoing treatment, or

(iii) has contracted another illness and the employee receives, or will receive, the Canada recovery sickness benefit under the Canada Recovery Benefits Act for leave taken under section 52.12 (2) of the Act;

(b) the employee requires leave

(i) to be vaccinated against COVID-19, or

(ii) to assist a dependant who is being vaccinated against COVID-19.

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