Strategic Innovation Fund


The Strategic Innovation Fund allocates repayable and non-repayable contributions to firms of all sizes across all of Canada's industrial and technology sectors. The program has a budget of $1.26 billion over five years.

It consolidates and simplifies the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative, Technology Demonstration Program, Automotive Innovation Fund and Automotive Supplier Innovation Program.

The Strategic Innovation Fund's objective is to spur innovation for a better Canada. Specifically, it serves to simplify application processes, accelerate processing, and provide assistance that is more responsive and focused on results.

The program has four Streams, each with its own precise objective:

  • Stream 1: Encourage R&D that will accelerate technology transfer and commercialization of innovative products, processes and services

  • Stream 2: Facilitate the growth and expansion of firms in Canada

  • Stream 3: Attract and retain large scale investments to Canada

  • Stream 4 (updated): Automation and digital technologies in the agriculture and agri-food sector

Special Requirements

Streams 1-3: The Applicant must be a for-profit corporation—small, medium or large-sized—incorporated pursuant to the laws of Canada and proposing to carry on business in Canada.

Stream 4: Applicants are a consortium that may include Canadian universities, colleges, research institutes, for-profit corporations (including SMEs) and/or not-for-profit entities. A consortium must consist of two or more members. 

For complete eligibility requirements, visit Strategic Innovation Funding.

Last updated: December 17, 2018