Economic Development Readiness Program


The Economic Development Readiness Program provides funding to support economic development capacity building and investment readiness. Funding can be used to access expertise or resources which are not available within the organization and to fund activities which are incremental to the organization’s day to day business and activities.

Projects must demonstrate:

  • Incrementality
  • Lasting benefits to the community/region
  • Broad based stakeholder engagement
  • Capacity to implement and sustain

The program is designed to provide support for local governments, Indigenous communities and organizations as they move along the economic development continuum. There are six focus areas:

  • Economic Development Strategy
  • Quick Start
  • Sectoral Planning
  • Technology Attraction of Connectivity Strategy
  • Investment Attraction Tools
  • Regional Marketing and Collaboration

Special Requirements

Who is eligible?

  • Local and Regional Governments
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Non-profit Societies
  • Industry Associations and Sectoral Organizations

Last updated: April 16, 2021