Community & Employer Partnerships Funding


Community and Employer Partnerships foster networks of community organizations and employers across B.C. The purpose of these partnerships is to work together to address labour market issues and increase employment opportunities for unemployed British Columbians.

They work to:

  • Address labour market issues 
  • Increase job opportunities for unemployed citizens
  • Promote and simplify communication between stakeholders
  • Share local labour market information
  • Coordinate approaches to employment support in communities
  • Discuss strategies and solutions to labour market needs
  • Develop innovative approaches to address social challenges beyond unemployment

As part of these partnerships, you may be able to get funding for a project or opportunity that involves:

  • Social Innovation
  • Job Creation Partnerships
  • Labour Market Partnerships
  • Research and Innovation
  • Project-Based Labour Market Training

Special Requirements

Find out if your organization is eligible for this funding:

If you qualify, you can submit an application online.

Last updated: May 22, 2018