Information for Aboriginal Students

Use these resources to help you plan your post-secondary journey and to support you while you are at school.

Education Planning & Transition Resources

The following resources provide information for Aboriginal learners and their parents to support their post-secondary educational journey.

Follow stepping stones from exploring your interests, to practical concerns such as finding affordable housing and transitioning back into the community.

Get tips on how to successfully transition from undergraduate to graduate studies.

Programs & Services for Aboriginal Students

Programs: Many post-secondary institutions in B.C. offer programs specifically for Aboriginal learners.

Student services: Contact the Aboriginal student services department at the post-secondary institution you plan to attend to get help with education and career planning. Most B.C. public post-secondary institutions have an Aboriginal Gathering Place on campus. Please contact your institution's Aboriginal student services department to find out more.

Funding Your Education

Going to college or university is a big investment. You will want to be in control of your finances and able to focus on your studies.


Financial health is an important part of your well-being as a student. There are great resources to help you you plan and manage your financial life before and after school. 

Financial Support

If you are a status First Nations or Inuit person then you maybe eligible for funding from the federal government through your Band, Nation or community. Visit Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada to get started.

If you are not a status First Nations or Inuit person, or if your Band funding is not enough, there are several types of financial assistance that could help you.

Student loans are educational loans offered by the province. If you have dependants or are from a lower income family, part of your funding may be in the form of a grant that you do not have to repay.

Bursaries are awards granted to students with dependants, or those from lower income families.

Awards have an academic requirement but also emphasize community involvement or other non-academic qualifications.

Emergency financial assistance is provided by public post-secondary institutions to assist students who have urgent unforeseen financial needs that may prevent them from finishing their studies. Contact the Aboriginal Student Services at your institution for more information.

Other financial aid, including awards specifically for Aboriginal students, may be available through your post-secondary institution. 

Contact the Aboriginal Student Services at your post-secondary institution for more information.