CommunityLINK Funding Information

CommunityLINK (Learning Includes Nutrition and Knowledge) funding is designed to support the academic achievement and social functioning of vulnerable students. Programs and services can include breakfast, lunch and snack programs, academic supports, counseling, youth workers and after-school programs.

Last updated: January 25, 2021

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CommunityLINK provides $53.2 million in funding (XLSX) to all 60 school districts. The Vulnerable Student Supplement (VSS) provides funding ($11.2 million) across 25 B.C. school districts to address growth in vulnerable student populations. 

Decisions about specific programs and services are left to school boards so that the needs of individual students and local communities are met. Each school district has a designated staff member in the CommunityLINK coordinator role. 

2019/20 Reporting

Your 2019/20 CommunityLINK outcome reporting is to be submitted to us by using the new CommunityLink Annual Report web form. This form provides a more streamlined, secure mechanism to collect CommunityLINK data.

As this is the first year using this format, we welcome your feedback on the new process.


Partner with these programs and organizations to enhance the nutrition programs at your school.

Breakfast for Learning

This non-profit organization provides food and equipment for breakfast and snack programs at B.C. schools.

Breakfast Clubs of Canada

A non-profit organization that supports community-based breakfast programs for vulnerable school children and youth.

BC Dairy

Funded by dairy farmers of B.C., this not-for-profit organization delivers nutrition education and school milk programs to schools.