Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)

The Foundation Skills Assessment is an annual province-wide assessment of all B.C. students’ academic skills in grades 4 and 7, and provides parents, teachers, schools, school districts and the Ministry of Education with important information on how well students are progressing in the  foundation skills of Reading, Writing, and Numeracy.

  • FSA Samples: Sample collaboration activity and sample questions, for teacher and student review 
  • FSA Specifications: Information on how the FSA will be assessed

Updates for 2019/20 FSA

  • FSA 2019/20 Live online administration will be available from September 30 – November 8, 2019
  • The Scoring and Score Entry deadline is November 22, 2019 
  • Students will respond to online questions and questions in paper student booklet
  • The FSA has been developed for an October administration.  As the assessment is taking place early in the year, the content of the assessment is based on the end of year profiles for Grade 3 and Grade 6. 
  • In order for students to demonstrate problem solving skills in numeracy, the numeracy written response questions may require students to solve problems in multiple parts and steps
  • The 2019/20 FSA reports for individual students will be ready for use by teachers and students and to share with parents, along with the students’ writing response booklets, once score entry is complete. This report will include student performance on proficiency levels with descriptive, strength-based language 


  • All written response questions for the FSA will be scored at the school or district level. Funding will be provided to support scoring activities
  • The Ministry provides support for scoring/training that includes:
  • The Ministry of Education monitors district and school based scoring of the written-response sections of the FSA by re-scoring a sample of student response booklets from each district and a number of independent schools. The FSA Provincial Marking Monitoring Report 2019 (PDF) provides evidence for the reliability, validity, and fairness of the FSA marking process
  • Past Reports: