Full Day Kindergarten Exemplar Videos

To support the introduction of full day kindergarten, the Ministry of Education and Child Care, in partnership with the British Columbia Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association and the British Columbia Primary Teachers’ Association has developed a series of exemplar videos for teachers, principals and district staff.

Full Day Kindergarten Exemplar Videos

Developed as a supplement to the Full Day Kindergarten Program Guide

English (PDF, 1.82MB) French (PDF, 2.1MB), the videos provide insightful examples of rich, age-appropriate activities and learning environments for kindergarten students.  Educators, principals and researchers discuss important kindergarten topics:

  • the learning environment
  • the role of the educator
  • play-based learning
  • inquiry or project-based learning, and
  • self-regulation and learning

A companion resource, Full Day Kindergarten Exemplar Video Viewing Guide (PDF, 430KB), is included to support further reflection and thought about ideas presented in the videos. A special section of the guide explores the critical role that principals and vice principals play in supporting successful full day kindergarten programming.

Viewers are encouraged to watch the videos both on their own and in groups to facilitate professional development.