Diversity & Inclusion governance in the BC Public Service

Last updated: March 1, 2021

Where We All Belong, the diversity and inclusion strategy, shows how every B.C. government employee can contribute towards building a diverse and inclusive workplace. Clear accountabilities also exist, from managers and supervisors to deputy ministers, to ensure the strategy is successful.

For more information, please visit our homepage – the Diversity & Inclusion Resource Centre – which includes information about the Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, Indigenous InitiativesAccessibilityLearning and Resources and Community.  

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Ministry Diversity and Inclusion Leads

Each ministry will have a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Lead who will be the first point of contact for employees. Work is in progress to identify members, and names will be published here when they're available.

Where We All Belong: Strategy Governance

Appendix B of the Accountability Framework on Human Resource Management outlines accountabilities that supervisors/managers, senior executives of line ministries, and the BC Public Service Agency have for diversity and inclusion. To be successful and to understand the various populations the strategy should serve, Where We All Belong elaborates and expands on roles and responsibilities, including governance and management structure for program development, implementation and monitoring.

  • Sets direction and provides strategic guidance for public service renewal  
  • Overall accountability and alignment for intersecting initiatives in support of public sector mandate—anti-racism/anti-hate, IBPOC (Indigenous, Black and People of Colour), GBA+ (Gender Based Analysis Plus), cultural competency, reconciliation, accessibility, pay equity  
  • Implement the corporate plan and related diversity and inclusion initiatives 
  • Approve diversity and inclusion strategic direction for their organizations  
  • Establishes strategic direction and associated action for workforce/workplace diversity and inclusion strategy 
  • Provides corporate and organizational level reporting for BC Public Service diversity and inclusion efforts across government 
  • Leads BC Public Service diversity and inclusion efforts on behalf of government (includes reporting to the Minister of Finance, responsible for the BC Public Service Agency) 
  • Accountable for implementation of corporate Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 
  • Approves components, deliverables, and timelines 
  • Accountable for corporate and organizational-level reporting 
  • Responsible for provision of secretariat supports to ADM Committee on Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Provides strategic insight and support for diversity and inclusion for government 
  • Cross-representation of ministries and agencies 
  • Champions of diversity and inclusion for the BC Public Service and within their organizations 
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to support the Strategy and associated initiatives
  • Alignment to overall direction and intersection of related public sector mandate for anti-racism/anti-hate, IBPOC (Indigenous, Black and People of Colour), GBA+ (Gender Based Analysis Plus), cultural competency, reconciliation, accessibility, pay equity 
  • Leads the implementation of the Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and associated change and communication strategies 
  • Provides linkages to key tables and committees including: Public Service Agency Senior Leaders; 10 Draft Principles Champions Table; Accessibility Secretariat; Gender Equity Office; etc. 
  • Leads work within Diversity & Inclusion Strategy as it relates to reconciliation and accessibility 
  • Provides secretariat support to the ADM Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and key governance tables 
  • Leads the integration of the diversity and inclusion elements into the workforce planning guidelines, and reviews ministry submissions for alignment 
  • Defines and seeks endorsement for corporate direction and provides insight to meet goals and objectives of Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 
  • Leads and maintains a resource centre and provision of subject matter expertise where appropriate 
  • Develops and maintains supporting project tools and resources for all initiatives and defines and reports on progress through overall measurement and reporting framework 

HR Organizational Leaders: BC Public Service Agency Lines of Business and Ministry Strategic Human Resources 

  • Lead the implementation of actions under the Strategy as they pertain to ministry and BC Public Service Agency lines of business 
  • Represent and champion work, including providing advice and guidance to clients as appropriate 
  • Align to corporate direction 
  • Monitor and report on respective ministry and BC Public Service Agency projects, actions, and progress

Ministry Diversity & Inclusion Leads

  • A member of Corporate Executive who is accountable for representing, leading, aligning and championing diversity and inclusion within their organization 
  • Support diversity and inclusion at an organizational level 
  • Conduit between ministries and Diversity & Inclusion office, first point of contact for ministries 
  • Actively participate in efforts to promote and adopt actions in support of diversity and inclusion within their organizations 
  • Participate in learning opportunities such as diversity and inclusion training, GBA+ (Gender Based Analysis Plus) training, the annual ethics review, and other corporate learning opportunities 
  • Support and/or participate in advisory committees, union committees, employee resource groups, and other employee groups (as appropriate) 
  • Provide input through feedback mechanisms such as the Work Environment Survey and other employee surveys