B.C. Supplement to TAC Updates

This page explains major revisions to chapters or sections within the B.C. Supplement to TAC. Updates may include new or revised guidelines, errata corrections and may incorporate previously issued Technical Bulletins.


Update Instructions

Date Issued

Updates to TAC-BC

Table of Contents

Remove existing Table of Contents.


Chapter 100

Remove Section 110.01.


Chapter 900

Revised Sections 910, 920, 930, 940, and new Section 950. Remove all contents of Chapter 900.


Chapter 1100

Remove all contents of Chapter 1100.


Chapter 1200

There have been some minor changes to Sections 1210 and 1220.  There have been significant changes to Sections 1230, 1240, 1250, and 1260.  There have been no changes to the written content of Section 1270; however, there has been a considerable improvement to the quality and legibility of the figures.

There are three files provided under Tab 12. 

Printing instructions:

Viewing instructions:

  • This file contains hyperlinks that will open to the selected figure of the “Chapter 1200 - 1220 Drawings” file.  For the hyperlinks to open directly to the correct figure, both of these files must be saved into the same folder on your computer, and the saved filename for the figures must be named “Chapter 1200 - 1220 Drawings.pdf”.  The easiest way to ensure that the filename is correct is to right click on the link and select ‘Save Target As ...’; otherwise, the spaces between words will be replaced with ‘%20’ and the hyperlinks will not work.
    1200 Contracts and Drawings without Figures 1220.A to 1220.N, and 1220.P to 1220.R - for viewing (PDF, 2MB)


Chapter 1400

There have been corrections to Figures 1420.B, 1420.C, and 1420.D regarding the fill slopes.

  • Print double-sided on 8.5x11 inch  (letter) paper and hole punch and replace
    Pages 1420-3 to 1420-6 fof Chapter 14 (PDF, 2MB), inclusive. There has not been any revision to page 1420-6; it has merely been included to preserve the duplex pagination.


Front Matter

Acknowledgements have been updated.


Chapter 700

Changes were made to Page 720-1. The July 20, 2007 errata do not affect the hard copy version ordered through the Queen’s Printer. The corrections were made to the document before going to print. The errata only affect the original version that was available for downloading on this web page before July 20, 2007. All downloads done after July 20, 2007 contain the corrections to the two pages mentioned in this errata.