Criminal record check results and reconsiderations

No Offence Found

If no reviewable offence is found, the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) will advise your organization that your applicant is cleared to work or volunteer.

Offence Found

In many instances, if the criminal record check finds an offence relevant to working with children or vulnerable adults, the CRRP will send a letter to an organization explaining that an applicant's file has been sent for adjudication. Adjudication is a review of an applicant's file to determine whether they pose a risk to vulnerable people.

A separate letter will be sent to the applicant explaining the adjudication process. The applicant will be asked to provide a written submission with more information about the offence(s). If the applicant does not respond, a decision will be made based on the information available to the CRRP.

A CRRP investigator will gather additional information, which may include:

  • Police and court documents
  • Telephone or personal interviews with the applicant, victim(s) or other persons or agencies
  • Written submissions

If the applicant disputes the existence of the offence(s), they will be directed to their local police to be fingerprinted in order to verify that the record check identified the correct person.

The investigator will provide a report to the Deputy Registrar of the CRRP which will be used to assess whether the applicant poses a risk to vulnerable people.

Adjudication Result: No Risk

If the Deputy Registrar of the CRRP determines that an applicant does not pose a risk, the organization will be sent a letter of no risk.

Adjudication Result: Risk

If the Deputy Registrar of the CRRP determines that an applicant poses a risk, the applicant and organization will be sent a letter.  The organization must ensure the applicant does not work with vulnerable people. However, it is possible a person may be permitted to work with children but not vulnerable adults or vice versa.

Applicant has Been Previously Adjudicated and Determined No Risk

If an applicant has been previously found to be “no risk” for working/volunteering with one sector (i.e. children or vulnerable adults) and then submits a criminal record check for working/volunteering with the other sector (i.e. vulnerable adults or children), then a new risk assessment will be conducted for the sector now being requested.


Applicants can request that the Registrar of the CRRP reconsider the Deputy Registrar’s decision, should they be deemed a risk to vulnerable people.

The request must be in writing and it must be received by the Registrar no later than 30 days after you received the decision.