Commissioning Notices of Dispute During COVID-19

Last updated: March 30, 2020

Disputes to forfeiture under section 14.07 of the Civil Forfeiture Act must be made under oath or solemn declaration.

The BC Supreme Court practice direction dated March 20, 2020, states that when it is not possible or is medically unsafe for a deponent to physically attend in person before a notary or lawyer (or other commissioner), a remote process may be employed.

Disputes made using this remote process will be accepted by the Civil Forfeiture Office; however, only if the dispute, and other documents contemplated by the practice direction, are emailed under cover letter from the lawyer/notary (or other commissioner) who commissioned it. Original documents in the possession of the lawyer/notary (or other commissioner) must also be mailed to the Civil Forfeiture Office at the address on our contact page. Your dispute will be deemed received on the day upon which we received the email from your lawyer/notary (or other commissioner).