Licences: Coal Titles


Coal licence applications should be submitted to the Vancouver Mineral Titles office.  Requirements include:

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If, during the course of creating your application, you realize that your application area cannot conform to the petroleum and natural gas (PNG) grid as required under Section 12 of the Coal Act, you may request a variance from the grid to be considered to allow your application to abut an existing boundary. This request would be of relevance where, for example, your area of application would otherwise overlap an area within which coal tenure cannot be issued, such as, a coal land reserve, park boundary or freehold coal. There may be other circumstances within which it is appropriate to apply for a variance from the PNG grid. When submitting your application, please indicate which units you would like to vary from the PNG grid and indicate the reasons for the variance request. Please also include a figure and ESRI shapefile (if possible) with the shape of your proposed application area.

Once the application is received a review is conducted.  Any deficiencies are determined and corrected by the client prior to the application being accepted for recording.  Accepted applications are issued a tenure number and applications are then plotted on the coal maps.

A land status of the application area is conducted to determine if the coal rights are held by the crown.  If the application is over crown owned coal, Land Referrals are sent out to numerous agencies as well as any First Nations in the application area. The applicant may be contacted if issues or amendments to the application are required.

Once information is received by the Mineral Titles office, the Chief Gold Commissioner synthesizes this information to determine whether to issue the coal licence.  Documents are sent to the applicant for signing.  Issued licences are plotted on the coal maps and the application tenure is removed.

Rental: Term and Extension of Licence

Refer to section 13 of the Coal Act for complete information about terms and extensions.

A licence is valid for a term of one year from the date of its issue.

If a licensee complies during the term of the licence with every provision of the Coal Act, a request for an extension to the term of the licence must be made for further one year terms.  Before the licence's term expires, you must submit the following:

Rights under Licences

Refer to section 9 of the Coal Act