Mineral deposit profiles

Mineral Deposit Profiles provide brief summaries of the types of mineral deposits found in British Columbia. They include descriptions of host rocks, mineralogy, alteration, tectonic setting, associations, genetic models, and exploration guides, and give typical examples with grades and tonnages.


Cover Image of BCGS GeoFile 2020-11

GeoFile 2020-11: British Columbia Geological Survey mineral deposit profiles, 1995 to 2012.

D.V. Lefebure and L.D. Jones, (compilers)

Mineral deposit profiles were prepared by the British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS) between 1995 and 2012. Using a standard format, the profiles were written as concise comprehensive descriptions of types of metallic mineral, industrial mineral, gemstone, and coal deposits. These descriptions include geological characteristics, mineral exploration techniques, resource information, and concepts about deposit origin(s). The profiles in this compilation generally have sufficient information to describe a deposit anywhere in the world. However, many provide information about tectonic setting, age of mineralization, references, resource data, and economic factors that is specific to British Columbia. Most of the profiles were initially published in BCGS Open File reports or in Geological Fieldwork volumes and were made available to the public on the BCGS website.  The purpose of the present report is to re-release all 120 profiles in one collection. Except for minor typographic corrections, the information in the profiles remains unchanged from the time of original publication. Although the content of some profiles is dated, all contain factual information that remains current. The next generation of mineral deposit profiles will further support completing modern resource assessments, likely enabled by artificial intelligence applications.

Earlier compilations and volumes on the profiles can be found in Miscellaneous Publication 86.

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