Pruning Western Redcedar (EP 1065.03)


  1. To determine and compare the impact of pruning on the growth, yield and value of western redcedar, based on remeasurements and observations from permanent sample plots.  
  2. To determine the rate of healing of pruning wounds.  

The experiment was established in 1994 near Port McNeill.  The treatments consisted of an unpruned control and crown removal of 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and 60% of the total tree height from the crown base, which was virtually equivalent to the tree base in this plantation. A randomized complete block design (RBCD) was used for this study, comprised of six pruning severity treatments and two blocks. Within each block, treatments were randomly assigned to a treatment unit that contained a single 0.1-ha core measurement plot with a surrounding 0.1-ha buffer zone. There were 75–100 measurement trees in each core plot.