Technology & Innovation

The government of B.C. is committed to supporting B.C.’s technology industry with the tools, funding and resources needed to stimulate economic growth and create jobs.

B.C.’s technology sector supports process innovations, new product development and new business models, helping B.C. companies build on their competitive advantages and facilitating entry into new markets. This, in turn, supports the creation of high-paying jobs across the province that give families economic stability and build vibrant communities for future generations.

To advance innovation, the Ministry collaborates with the province’s research universities, industry partners, innovation organizations and other levels of government. The ministry also works closely with Crown agencies affiliated with the Ministry, such as the British Columbia Innovation Council, the lead provincial organization charged with advancing innovation and commercialization in B.C.

In 2016, the Government of B.C. launched the #BCTECH Strategy to support the creation of jobs and boost key BC Jobs Plan sectors. The technology sector is a major engine of economic growth in B.C. providing over 100,000 jobs and generating more than $81.6 million in annual revenues.

For more technology sector statistics, see BC Stats’ High Technology Reports and Publications.

In order to build on that momentum and support the sector, the strategy focuses on three strategic pillars:

  • Improve access to capital and continue supporting our competitive tax system and research environment
  • Deepen the B.C. technology talent pool
  • Make it easier to access new markets

Funding and Investments

British Columbia supports research and development, technology and innovation through funding, promotion, connections and business support. B.C.’s major research infrastructure funding program is the B.C. Knowledge Development Fund. The Province also funds organizations that support innovative sectors of the economy and advance research in areas of provincial priority.