Technology & Innovation

The B.C. government is focused on growing technology and innovation in the province. Last year, we invested more than $700 million to develop a world-leading talent pool, help companies start-up and grow and provide the infrastructure communities and British Columbians need to participate in the innovation economy. All of these investments are catalysts that stimulate economic growth, improve competitiveness and create jobs across B.C. in all sectors of the economy.

To optimize our current and future investments, the B.C. government developed the Technology and Innovation Policy Framework which serves as a roadmap to identify our priorities and the outcomes we want our investments to achieve. 

In partnership with ministries across government, the framework will help us achieve four goals:

  1. Grow globally competitive industry clusters across the province that support British Columbians
  2. Increase diversity and participation in the innovation economy – including Indigenous Peoples and those living in rural areas
  3. Help B.C. companies scale up, anchor and create good-paying jobs for British Columbians
  4. Develop the talent pool to help grow the innovation economy and help attract the right types of investment to B.C

Through the implementation of this framework, we want B.C. businesses to become greener and more competitive. This framework will also help to guide and grow partnerships between communities, Indigenous peoples, post-secondary institutions, research organizations and industry to help solve some of the most critical challenges we face as a society.