Societies Act Specific Information

Societies Incorporated under the Societies Act:

Location of meetings (in-person/partially electronic) (Section 76):

A meeting of members must be held in BC at the location provided for in the bylaws unless the bylaws do not specify a place, in which case the directors of the society may determine the place. A meeting may be held outside BC in a place that is specified by the bylaws. If a place in or outside BC is not specified in the bylaws, then a place outside BC must be agreed upon by every voting member before the meeting.

This does not apply to fully electronic meetings.

Meeting of Directors (Section 54):

Directors may participate in meetings of the directors at any location or by telephone or other communication means, on any notice and manner that is convenient for the directors. However, a society may make rules on how directors meet in its bylaws.

Notice for Meetings (Section 77):

A society must give notice as set out in the bylaws (minimum 7 days’ notice). If the bylaws do not specify, then it must be 14 days’ notice. In no case, can the society give notice that is greater than 60 days.

If the meeting is an electronic meeting, the notice above must also contain instructions for attending and participating in the meeting by telephone or other communication mediums. Instructions on how to vote at the meeting must be included if voting may occur.

Participation in Meetings (Section 83):

Members of the society who are entitled to participate in meetings, including voting, may do so by telephone or another medium. However, a society can establish bylaws that restrict the medium used to participate in meetings. Societies that hold partial or full electronic meetings must permit and facilitate electronic meetings for their members, including voting in a manner that best discloses the intent of a member. 

NOTE: The above are only general guidelines that can be found in the Societies Act. Please check the bylaws  of your society for more specific details on electronic meetings and what your society permits.