Agritech Grant Program

The Agritech Grant program provided one-time funding to B.C.-based agritech or technology companies, agriculture producers or agrifood companies. The funding supports the increase of domestic food production and stimulates the development and testing of technologies.

Last updated: March 26, 2021

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How the program works 

The Agritech Grant program invested $7.5 million to help B.C. agritech, agriculture and technology companies scale up, expand and develop technologies to help increase sustainable and regenerative food production in B.C. Grants of up to $500,000 were available to B.C. based companies.

Applications are closed.

Successful applicants will be awarded funding for their project by March 31, 2021. Successful applicants will be required to provide quarterly progress, performance and financial reports until their project is completed, at which time a final report is required.

Evaluation considerations

Applications were reviewed and evaluated based on the following considerations:

Economic potential

  • Number of jobs that will be created, and projected wage category of those jobs. This includes evidence of job creation with detailed plans to hire new staff as well as the addition of tech enabled positions that may be required
  • Estimated revenue growth for the company from the project
  • Indirect economic benefits such as partnerships or collaboration projects that support more than one company and create indirect employment, such as through construction 

Intellectual property (IP), scalability

  • Projects that identify the creation and anchoring of intellectual property within B.C. 
  • Projects that demonstrate a high probability of scalability either in terms of production growth or applications across multiple industry functions or crops

Timeframe, budget implications

  • Ability to implement the project within the proposed project timeframe and within the identified budget
  • Demonstrated project viability through the project description, risk mitigation, market assessment and implementation readiness
  • Composition of the management team and their probability of success

Reporting requirements

The successful applicants are required to provide quarterly progress, performance and financial reports until their project is completed, at which time a final report is required. A final report is required detailing progress, performance and financial highlights over the project duration. The report should include contributory outcomes, economic impacts and learnings from the project.

Grant recipients

  • Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS)
  • AgriForest Bio-Technologies
  • Bakerview EcoDairy
  • BarrelWise
  • BCCA Delivery (BC Cattlemen's Association)
  • Cascadia Seaweed
  • Flex Alert Company
  • FoodMesh
  • Industrial Plankton
  • i-Open Technologies
  • Lucent Biosciences
  • NovoBind Livestock Therapeutics
  • Point 3 Biotech
  • Sanctuary Cognitive Systems
  • Skipper Otto
  • TechBrew Robotics
  • ThisFish
  • Trident Processes
  • Valid Manufacturing
  • Verdi Expeditions