Agritech Concierge Program

The Agritech Concierge Program provides government support for agritech businesses to grow, diversify, access new markets and attract investment opportunities.

Last updated: June 14, 2021

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The Agritech Concierge Program supports agritech companies to grow and scale their businesses, building on the success of B.C.’s recent Agritech Grant Program and the recommendations of the 2020 Food Security Task Force Report.

Over 150 companies are already operating in B.C., making advances in key areas like vertical growing, sensor technology, robotics, genomics, waste management and food processing. These developments are transforming our food system, and the way food is grown, domestically and abroad.

How the program works 

The Agritech Concierge Program invites companies to contact our team of skilled professionals to access support services, including:

  • Assistance to develop strategies and opportunities to grow and scale your business in B.C.
  • Support for navigating existing programs to scale up, become export ready and attract investment
  • Assistance to identify strategic sites throughout B.C. to locate and expand your business  
  • Support navigating government processes
  • Connections to municipal, regional, federal and foreign governments, as well as potential industry partners and other collaborators

For international investors, we can schedule consultations within your time zone to discuss opportunities to locate in B.C.

Access services

The Agritech Concierge Program is available to any farmer, food entrepreneur or agritech business that is interested in advancing technology and innovation, growing their business or locating in B.C.


Call: 236-478-3761