About the COVID-19 Digital Assistant

What is it?

The COVID-19 Digital Assistant is a chatbot programmed to answer common questions about COVID-19 and B.C.’s response to it. It is used on the B.C. government website and several health authority and partner sites.

How to use it

Click on the chat icon at the lower right corner of any COVID-19 related page to ask a question or see popular topics. The chatbot responds best to short, simple questions that focus on only one topic. Type “chatbot tips” in the COVID-19 Digital Assistant for more suggestions.

Privacy and the COVID-19 Digital Assistant

In accordance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA), the COVID-19 Digital Assistant does not ask for or collect personal information. Please do not enter personal information such as your name, contact information, or identity numbers.

All information provided to the COVID-19 Digital Assistant is stored in a Canadian cloud. No ancillary data (such as IP addresses) is stored.

Comments and questions sent to the digital assistant may be used to improve its responses in future conversations, but not all conversations are reviewed. Aggregate data on common questions asked may be used in data analytics.

History of the COVID-19 Digital Assistant

The COVID-19 Digital Assistant was launched in May 2020 to help citizens find information about COVID-19, including health information, support services and programs, and effects of the pandemic on government services. It is a partnership of the B.C. Government and the BC Centre for Disease Control.

The COVID-19 Digital Assistant on gov.bc.ca answers thousands of questions per week; at peak traffic periods the volume has exceeded 40,000 questions per week.

Offer feedback on the COVID-19 Digital Assistant

To help us understand the value of this service for citizens, please provide feedback including any improvements you’d like to suggest. Type “feedback” or click the link at the bottom of the chat window. Remember not to provide any personally identifying information in your comments.