Service BC Location: Stewart

Services available at this location:

  • Ambulance Payments
  • BC Vital Statistics Services
  • BCeID Point of Service
  • BC Hydro Payments
  • Business Information and Referrals
  • Child Care Subsidy Program
  • Class B Lottery Licence Applications and Issuance
  • Commissioner for Taking Affidavits (limited authority)
  • Community Access Terminal
  • Company Name Searches and Registrations
  • Consumer Taxation Payments and Forms
  • Fish and Wildlife Licences
  • Freedom of Information Act Applications
  • ICBC AutoPlan Insurance
  • ICBC Driver's Licence Services
  • Marriage Licences
  • Medical Services Plan Registration and Billing Payments
  • Mineral Titles Online
  • Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation Services
  • Motor Vehicle Fine Payments
  • Notary Public (limited authority)
  • OneStop Business Registration
  • Pesticide Exams
  • Registry Searches
  • Residential Tenancy
  • Rural Property Tax Collection
  • Snowmobile Registrations and Transfers
  • Violation Ticket Disputes and Payments

Office Hours

Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Closed daily between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm

Note:  Services vary by location. Please check to ensure the service you are seeking is available at your local Service BC Centre.

Statutory Appointments Held

  • Commissioner for Taking Affidavits  (limited authority)
  • Marriage Licence Issuer
  • Notary Public  (limited authority)

Contact Information

Amanda Jacobs, Government Agent

Lori Stredulinsky, Senior Customer Service Representative

Telephone: 250 636-2294
Fax: 250 636-2678
Court House, 703 Brightwell Street
Box 127, Stewart, BC V0T 1W0
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