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Public Safety & Emergency Services

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Criminal Record Checks

Protecting vulnerable people.

Security Industry Licensing

Licensing for security workers and businesses.

Wildfires of Note

Wildfires which are highly visible or which pose a potential threat to public safety.

Services and Information Topics

Public Safety

Public safety is about creating a secure, just and resilient British Columbia.

Crime Prevention

British Columbia is taking action to prevent crime and make communities safer. This includes doing criminal record checks for people working with children and vulnerable adults, deterring metal theft by regulating metal dealers and recyclers, and creating the Protection Order Registry.

Emergency Preparedness, Response & Recovery

Are you prepared for an emergency? Make sure you’re as ready as you can be for an accident, environmental emergency or natural disaster.

Wildfire Status

Our forests and wildlands cover over 94 million hectares (nearly a million square kilometres) with approximately 2,000 wildfires occurring each year. Thanks to the efforts of the BC Wildfire Service the majority of these fires are contained within 24 hours.

One Source, One Stop

One Source, One Stop

B.C.'s central resource for emergency preparedness information.

One Source, One Stop

Helpline for Children

Helpline for Children

Know a Child Who Needs Help?  Call 310-1234 (no area code needed).

Helpline for Children



In Focus

Brennan Creek Recreation Site closed for safety reasons

The Brennan Creek Recreation Site on the west shore of Adams Lake is closed to all users until further notice, due to large expanses of soil that have become heavily saturated with moisture.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

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