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Provincial Sales Tax

Tax you pay when you purchase a taxable good or service.

Home Owner Grant

Reduce the amount of property tax you pay for your home.

Property Transfer Tax

Tax you pay when you purchase or gain an interest in a property.

Services and Information Topics

Sales Taxes

You must pay sales tax, such as provincial sales tax, motor fuel tax, carbon tax and tobacco tax when you purchase or lease goods and services in B.C. and in some cases on goods brought into B.C. Businesses may also be required to be registered to collect some or all of these taxes.

Income Taxes

If you earned income in B.C. or operated a Corporation with a permanent establishment in B.C. last year you need to file an income tax return. Find out when you need to file your income tax return, and if any tax credits or rebates apply to you.

Property Taxes

When you own, lease or gain an interest in a property (e.g. land, home, etc.) located in B.C. you must pay property taxes.

Natural Resource Taxes

When you extract natural resources, harvest timber or own mineral rights in B.C. you're charged taxes, royalties and fees.

Insurance Taxes

When you have an insurance contract to insure a resident of B.C., or a property situated in B.C., Insurance Premium Tax is charged. The tax is charged on premium payments made as consideration for the insurance contract, such as premium deposits, assessments, registration fees and contributions by members.

Tax Audits, Rulings & Appeals

To ensure you charge and pay the right amount of tax you may request a ruling or interpretation, be audited or file an appeal if you believe the Ministry of Finance made an error in a decision.

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Budget Tax Changes

Budget Tax Changes

On February 21, 2017, the government announced proposed changes to the provincial tax laws.


LNG Income Tax

LNG Income Tax

Beginning on January 1, 2017, B.C. will charge tax on income from liquefaction activities at an LNG Facility.




In Focus

Government to direct the creation of a policy for return of WorkSafeBC funds

The government intends to amend the Workers Compensation Act to establish a new policy requiring WorkSafeBC to return funds to employers when it has a surplus of contributions from employers in the Accident Fund.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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