Affordable Child Care Benefit Service Provider Portal

Licensed child care providers and Registered Licence-Not-Required child care providers can use the Service Provider Portal to access self-service options related to Affordable Child Care Benefit claims, benefit plans and payments.

To log in to this service, you will need to register for a Business BCeID.

Log in to the portal

All required supporting documents must be uploaded with your application. Please direct parents to submit the Child Care Arrangement Form (CF2798) with their application when applying through the My Family Services portal to prevent delays in processing their application

Request access. Download the Service Provider Portal Access Request Form (PDF). Email your completed form to:

Look up instructions. Use the Service Provider Portal Guide (PDF, 4.1 MB) to find out how to complete specific tasks.

Note to child care providers

Email a copy of your licence to:

  • Register as a new licensed child care provider
  • Report any licence changes (e.g. amendments or renewal)

Please do not send personal or financial information.​

The Affordable Child Care Benefit may cover an amount up to the parent's cost of child care. The amount you can claim is:

The cost of the space, less the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative amount (if applicable)