B.C.-Quebec Cooperation Agreement Funding


Through the B.C. – Quebec Agreement on Cooperation and Exchange with respect to the Francophonie (PDF), eligible non-profit organizations may apply to the Programme de coopération intergouvernementale (PCI) for funding to implement an initiative developed in collaboration with an organization in Quebec.


The grant applications must originate from a partnership among community groups in British Columbia and Quebec.


The program supports initiatives that:

  • Promote Francophonie in education, early childhood, youth, culture, communications, French Language, economic development, immigration, tourism, health and social services, or other areas of cooperation
  • Are supported by a British Columbia ministry or local government
  • Align with eligible expenditures in Quebec

Application Process

  • The community group in British Columbia must contact the Francophone Affairs Program by email and include the following elements:
    • (a) a description of the project,
    • (b) the name of the community partner in Quebec, and
    • (c) an overview of the budget including the amount of funding requested from the two governments
  • The FAP will contact you to discuss your project
  • Once the project and budget have been approved, submit your application online to Quebec’s Intergovernmental Cooperation Program
  • Send the FAP a copy of the application that you submitted to Quebec