Understand Payments for the Affordable Child Care Benefit

Once an application is approved, both the parent and the child care provider are sent a benefit plan that includes the benefit amount with start and end dates.

In most cases, the child care provider receives the payment after they submit a monthly claim form. When child care is provided in the child's own home, parents or guardians submit the claim form and pay the care provider. The benefit is paid by cheque or direct deposit.

Parents or guardians pay the balance of the child care provider's fee after the benefit amount is deducted.

Notes for Child Care Providers

Review each benefit plan and report any errors to the Child Care Service Centre. You will need the benefit plan information to fill out claim forms.

All child care providers require a supplier number (also known as the vendor ID) to claim Affordable Child Care Benefit payments. The supplier number is unique to each child care provider and the same number is used for every claim.

Include your supplier number on each claim form in order to avoid delays in payment.

If you are a licence-not-required child care provider, your supplier number may be printed on the benefit plan.

If you do not have a supplier number, or you don't know what it is, please contact the Child Care Service Centre for assistance.

The Affordable Child Care Benefit may cover an amount up to the parent's cost of child care. The amount you can claim is:

The parent's cost of child care, less the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative amount (if applicable).

Claim forms are submitted monthly. Licensed and Registered Licence-Not-Required child care providers can submit claims starting the 15th of the month prior (i.e., claims for March can be submitted starting February 15). All other providers may submit their claims starting the seventh day of the month being claimed. Adjustments to a previous month's claim must be reported on a separate claim form.

Submit your documents electronically to speed up the process

Do not submit duplicate documents – this causes delays in processing.

Licensed and registered licence-not-required providers

Use the Service Provider Portal

Licence-not-required providers

Email documents to ACCBclaims@gov.bc.ca

You can also send documents by mail or fax

However, using this method can take several weeks to process your claim or issue a payment.

Download the forms

When care is provided in the child’s own home, the parent is responsible for submitting the claim form each month and paying the child care provider.

Payment is made by cheque or direct deposit. Using direct deposit helps eliminate delays and lost or stolen cheques.

Once you have submitted your request by mail, please allow several weeks for processing. Cheques will be mailed out until the direct deposit is set up.


Absences & Vacations

The Affordable Child Care Benefit is only paid for child care that is provided. Where a child is absent because of the child’s vacation, the benefit may be paid for up to two weeks in one month but not for more than four weeks total in one calendar year. Where the child is absent because the child or parent is ill, the benefit may be paid for a period of up to two weeks in one month.

Accurate attendance records must be maintained, and these records may be audited.


If a child attends some days during a month, but is withdrawn before the end of the month and their space is not filled, you may claim:

  • The full authorized monthly benefit amount if the child attended for half of the month or more
  • Half of the authorized monthly benefit amount if the child attended less than half of the month

Note: This rule is different for the Young Parent Program.

School-Aged Children

Claim for additional child care when a child has not attended school during regular hours due to school closures (e.g. winter or spring vacation or professional days), gradual Kindergarten entry in September, or because of illness.

After the 25th day of the month you are claiming for, submit the appropriate form below that describes the number of days additional child care was needed and why.