Review and approval for the Affordable Child Care Benefit

Your application will be reviewed along with the supporting documents to determine eligibility and funding. Once approved, you will receive a benefit plan outlining:

  • The amount of your monthly benefit
  • The start and end date of monthly benefit payments

All required supporting documents must be uploaded with your application. Please ensure your Child Care Provider has completed their sections on the Child Care Arrangement Form (CF2798) before you begin your application. Once started, you will have 60 days to complete your application.

Reconsideration and appeal

A decision to review your application or benefit is available. Decisions are made based on the Child Care Subsidy Act and the Child Care Subsidy Regulation.

Discuss the issue with an adjudicator at the Child Care Service Centre. You can give them details about your situation and they will try to help find a solution.

You may request a reconsideration of a decision made about your application for the Affordable Child Care Benefit.

Within 20 days of being notified of a decision, submit a Request for Reconsideration form (you can get one by calling the Child Care Service Centre). The adjudicator will complete sections one and two of the form – describing the decision made and citing related legislation.

You will need to complete sections three and four of the form.

Return the form to the Child Care Service Centre along with any additional documentation or information you think is relevant. No new evidence can be submitted after a reconsideration decision has been made.

Tip: Write down the dates you submit your paperwork.

A final decision is made within 10 business days of receiving your completed form.

If you disagree with the reconsideration decision, you may appeal that decision with the Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal.

The appeal tribunal will decide whether the ministry reasonably applied the legislation and whether the decision was reasonably supported by the evidence submitted.

Submit a Notice of Appeal form within seven business days of being notified about a reconsideration decision (you can get one from the Child Care Service Centre). If you do not, it will be legally binding that you have accepted the decision. You will not be able to file an appeal after that date.

An appeal panel of three tribunal members will review the reconsideration decision at an appeal hearing. The hearing usually takes place within 15 business days after you deliver your Notice of Appeal form. The hearing can be completed in writing, by teleconference (one hour), or in person (two hours).

You will present your case at the hearing. You will only be able to present testimony in support of the information that was shared with the ministry at the time of the reconsideration decision. You can also have someone represent you or help you make your case.

A representative for the Ministry of Education and Child Care will present the ministry’s case. They will not have authority to make decision in the case.

The appeal panel will confirm or cancel the ministry's decision. Based on the documentation presented and any supporting testimony, the panel will make a final decision and put it in writing. A majority decision is normally made within five business days of the hearing. A copy of the final decision will be sent to you and and the Ministry of Education and Child Care.

If you were already receiving the Affordable Child Care Benefit, you may be eligible to continue receiving it while you wait for the outcome.

If you have requested a reconsideration of a decision that discontinued or reduced your benefit amount, the previous benefit amount you were receiving will continue to be paid until a decision is made.

If your application was denied, you will not receive the Affordable Child Care Benefit until a decision is made about your eligibility.